This bad boy was the one that started off New Media Ltd.  Fort Lean reached out to me to do a music video: then they asked me to do two.  I had some untenable ideas, asked Ryan and Abby if they wanted to partner up, and we made this messed-up two-part short-film/music-video/interdimensional karaoke horror.  After that, we became New Media Ltd.
Left: I made this whole extensive action-adventure plotline and storyboard for the animation which, of course, totally didn't work.  You get excited, you know.  
Right: initial concept for the monster.  It's like The Thing with shapely legs, I guess.  We went a different direction.
Here's the initial sculpt of the monster.  We went faceless with him, and aimed to give him a texture like that of General Tsao's chicken.
Learned quite a bit on this one: knew we had to sell her with close-ups, so spent quite a lot of time working on the texture.
Some initial light tests of Maya's face.
The Tentacle.  Made the base with foamcore taped together (looked like a vertebrae), dolloped hot glue on for suckers, and then wrapped it in latex.  Final paintjob was high contrast as the lighting was to be so colorful.
Live action shoot in my apartment.  Broke a longstanding rule to never let a film crew in my house, but we were moving out anyway.  There's probably still some gaff tape inthere somewhere.
Sometimes, you're wearing creepy black latex gloves and chopping off fishheads during the day, and then showered up and drinking coffee and doing CGI all night.
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